A Tale of Two Departments: My On-boarding Story

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Three years ago, I made the leap from public to private accounting. I was ready to bring in my public accounting knowledge into my new job and get into the details. When I started at this new company, I really

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How Accounting Software Makes Document Retention Easier

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Storing your journal entries and account reconciliations in accordance to applicable accounting standards can be time-consuming. This is especially true if you have Excel spreadsheets spread-out over a networked filing system. Fortunately, there are several ways accounting software makes document

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3 Benefits of Accounting Software for Staff Accountants

Accounting softwareAs a staff accountant, you must prepare accurate journal entries, account reconciliations and schedules, every time you close the books. A reliable accounting software package can make your life easier and improve the quality of your work. In particular, there

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5 Tips for Every Controller Closing the Books

Closing the books is a process than can constantly be improved.  The first step in improving your process is asking what are the biggest pain points and what takes up the most time?  Let’s discuss some areas that will help

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