Closing Software Series: Closing Software’s Impact on Your Audit and SOX Compliance

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So far in our Closing Software (CS) series, we have discussed what CS is and how it can help your accounting team cut days off the close. In addition to streamlining month end, CS provides some incredible benefits

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Closing Software Series: What is Closing Software?

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Simply put, Closing Software helps accounting departments close the books (we’ll shorten it to “CS” from here). CS helps to reduce close time, mitigate errors and streamline financial reporting.

Month end is managed by the Controller, who assigns work out

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3 Benefits of Accounting Software for Staff Accountants

Accounting softwareAs a staff accountant, you must prepare accurate journal entries, account reconciliations and schedules, every time you close the books. A reliable accounting software package can make your life easier and improve the quality of your work. In particular, there

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Closing the Books Effectively in a New Generation: Managing Millennials in the Accounting Close Process

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“Working in the accounting department of a pre-IPO company, I experienced first-hand the challenge of a growing department.  Expanding from 5 to 50 accountants created hurdles in both managing personalities and processes during the close. There were many reasons for

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