Closing Software Series: Closing Software’s Impact on Your Audit and SOX Compliance

Closing software series blog 4 SOX.fw

So far in our Closing Software (CS) series, we have discussed what CS is and how it can help your accounting team cut days off the close. In addition to streamlining month end, CS provides some incredible benefits

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Is Corporate Fraud the New Normal?


fraudA 2013 study from a University of Toronto finance professors reports that there is 14.5 percent chance that any company is committing corporate fraud in any given year. That’s rougly one out of every seven corporations. The study was conducted

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Nutty Accounting Costs Diamond $5 Million

Diamond foods

According to a report released on Jan. 9 by the Securities and Exchange Commission, snack food company Diamond Foods engaged in accounting fraud in 2010 and 2011 that drove up the company’s stock price and allowed the company to engage

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