Closing Software Series: What is Closing Software?

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Simply put, Closing Software helps accounting departments close the books (we’ll shorten it to “CS” from here). CS helps to reduce close time, mitigate errors and streamline financial reporting.

Month end is managed by the Controller, who assigns work out

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3 Benefits of Accounting Software for Staff Accountants

Accounting softwareAs a staff accountant, you must prepare accurate journal entries, account reconciliations and schedules, every time you close the books. A reliable accounting software package can make your life easier and improve the quality of your work. In particular, there

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The Top 5 Errors in Public Company Audits

auditAccording to survey results released on April 10, audits conducted at major public companies by the six largest accounting firms are routinely littered with errors. The survey was conducted by the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators. They looked at

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Is Corporate Fraud the New Normal?


fraudA 2013 study from a University of Toronto finance professors reports that there is 14.5 percent chance that any company is committing corporate fraud in any given year. That’s rougly one out of every seven corporations. The study was conducted

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5 Movies Every Accountant Must See


Movies are a major piece of the mainstream culture.  We can learn a lot from the movies, whether practical information or life lessons… even some accounting.  Let’s take a look at 5 movies where you can apply your accounting knowledge:

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