A Tale of Two Departments: My On-boarding Story

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Three years ago, I made the leap from public to private accounting. I was ready to bring in my public accounting knowledge into my new job and get into the details. When I started at this new company, I really

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Shortening Month-End: What Your Company Can Do About It


Closing the books at the end of the month can be a time consuming process. Many CEO’s (and even some CFO’s) view the close as something of a “necessary evil”, but it’s important to help maintain control over your finances

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Is Corporate Fraud the New Normal?


fraudA 2013 study from a University of Toronto finance professors reports that there is 14.5 percent chance that any company is committing corporate fraud in any given year. That’s rougly one out of every seven corporations. The study was conducted

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Closing the Books Effectively in a New Generation: Managing Millennials in the Accounting Close Process

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“Working in the accounting department of a pre-IPO company, I experienced first-hand the challenge of a growing department.  Expanding from 5 to 50 accountants created hurdles in both managing personalities and processes during the close. There were many reasons for

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Accounting Challenges in the Modern Era

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The past decade has seen significant amounts of change in the accounting arena. Accounting has slowly become a sector that is entangled with finance, marketing and sales. Dozens of new software utilities are now becoming industry standard in the big

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